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The gift certificate IV

 Anything specific you like me to wear when I spank you’, she asked, while she picked up her brown wooden hairbrush from  the toiletries stand.’Oh, come, on you weren’t serious about that, were you,’he asked incredulously.’You gotta pay the ferry man’, she giggled, ‘and besides, it is a huge turn on for you.’ He looke at his dick in the mirror, and saw it reeling at half mast, again. Shit, he thought, not now, I think, and then it occured to him he was still wearing the cuffs. He tried to peel them off, but somehow they didn’t give way. She appeared in the doorway again, in a tight, white T-shirt without sleeves, and with incredibly tight, white jodhpurs on, with high gloss riding boots at her feet. She looked incredible. She wagged her finger at him and said ‘Naughty…’, to him teasingly. ‘Don’t try to take them off, hun, they won’t budge..’ He pulled harder, if only to make a point, and a beep in the next room sounded. She chuckled. ‘Don’t ‘, she started to say, and then he felt his wrists being drawn toward his back, and tight too. She turned around, and reappeared wth the RC, and pushed on it, releasing his wrists.’ It is a predefined setting when one tries to remove them’, she said , apparently by way of apology. She had placed the hair brush on the dining table, and pulled out one of the chairs,

Reversing it with its back towards the table, and then sat down on it. ‘Get over my lap, Jeremy’ she said quite firmly, pointing to her legs, ‘we want to get this over with, don’t we?’ Though he had been in a mind to make a run for it, get her RC to stop her – if he could find it, he was also fascinated by the tone and the way she acted as if it came completely naturally to her. Besides was there a law about robots not being allowed to hurt its master. Again,he had his dick rule his head again, and he moved gingerly towards her, very much re-living his past at home. She smiled at him encouragingly,

And when he started to move and bend over her lap, she deftly guided his dick between her legs, clamping it between her thighs. She slowly rubbed his ass, and said ‘Of course it has been a while for you, so I think we should start with a proper warm up of those buttocks too prepare them for later. She started slowly and not that hard, in series of 5, 8 and then 10 spanks, until it was glowing.’Now, Jeremy, she said rather primly, it is time we get some real heat into those nice firm globes of you.  I am going to give you 50 with my bare hands and 50 with the brush for being naughty. After that we have to work off the points for me letting you cum as we agreed. These are the rules, as if you don’t remember. You are to stay in position until I say otherwise.  Briefly lifting a foot I am going to allow this first time, but two feet off, continueous wriggling, attempts to fend of blows, trying to get up or foul mouthed language means you will incur extra, right? And you are to keep count, and if you forget or lose track I will start all over again, OK? He was completely stunned. ‘Did you hear me, Jeremy?’, she asked, and he said ‘Yes, Mary’.  ‘Good’, she said.  Óh, and repeated offences gets you a free upgrade’. What?

They were hard a bit harder than Lillybelle, but nothing like JoAnne. Nevertheless, when she pauzed at 25, it was also because he twice lifted his right foot off the floor in a row. She waited, but she didn’t rub his ass. The next series was increasingly harder and ligthning quick in succession. He had difficulty keeping count, and towards the end he got uneasy and lifted both feet off, albeit only briefly.But he managed to get through.  She paused again. This time she did feel the heat in his ass, and even squeezed it lightly. Nice bright red, she said. He was catching his breath. ‘Time for the brush, then’, she said picking it up fro the table.

It was worse than he remembered.  She hit him hard, switched sides a lot, and went through rather quickly. He kept count, but he almost wriggled off her lap, and jumped up once. She paused. ‘You got to toughen up a bit , Jeremy, ‘she said gingerly, or would you prefer me to get the Spencer paddle for the rest of this series. No, he diddn’t want that heineous contraption dancing on his buttocks, and so he promised to be good. He got through the rest of the round pretty well. Was it just the thought of the paddle? Close to the end she suddenly grabbed his shoulder and got him up in a jerk. ‘Oh, my’, she said,’look at what you did there, you filthy boy!’ He didn’t understand what she was talking about at first, but then he noticed a thin line of semen hanging from the aperture in his dick. ‘I though I felt you leaking a moment ago, but you had to add insult to injury and shoot your nasty cum all over my new jodphurs. ‘I am sorry, Miss’, he stammered as if he was addressing an alien. He didn’t even notice he had turned quite submissive in his attitude, but she did, of course. ‘I had been hoping that a few lashes with the riding crop would settle it after this for tonight, but I guess you are completely out of control, and I need to resort to more stingent measures.’ He was trembling now, but he was also deeply sorry for mucking up her bright white, fresh jodphurs. He was so involved in it all, he never spotted the satisfied look on her face. She sort of guided him towards a low settee table, on which she put a thick towel folded up, for him to kneel on. Just in case there will be further incidents, she said. He heard a wooshing sound and she had gotten a rattan cane out, a straight one with the grip covered in leather. ‘Same rules apply’, she said matter of factly, but it be a bit harder for you to abide with them’.  He was scared shitless. She appeared to be really angry with him. Certainly she lashed out at hm and he broke about every rule in the book, within the first five. ‘Oh, dear,’she said, at this rate we will be here all night, won’t we?’ She tried again, but stopped, again, after five more. This is no good she said. You are obviously not up to controlling yourself yet, I guess you need more support. Hands behind you back’. He did, and they clickled locked again. She bent him over further over the table until his forehead touched the table. It was then that he noticed his ankles were locked to the table as well. He then felt his arms being pulled up a bit, and he seemed to be well fixed. What followed was a world exploding in flashes of intense pain as the cane danced over his ass in a quick succession of blows all landing neatly spaced next to each other. It was only afterwards that he noticed he must have screamed and cried. ‘This will have to do, this time, she said, more I can’t bear to give you more now. She dropped the cane, and released him, helping up and holding him while she carressed him and comforted him. He heard himself beg her to forgive him. To absolve him even. She just held him until he stopped shaking and shivering, and helped him ge ton the bed on his belly. She even adjusted his rockhard dick for his comfort, the first time he noticed his had a huge erection. His mind played tricks with him, he was in pain, but elated, scared and yet he felt deeply cared for. And so, so tired, he fell asleep quickly.

In the night he woke up got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He looked at his ass in the mirror. It was sensitive, but the skin had nowhere been broken. It didn’t look like the trashing he had had at all. She appeared as by magic, also inspecting his ass. She got some cream out, had him lie down and rubbed it in. It felt great, and it also had an immediate cooling effect. ‘I already did this twice when you were asleep’, she said, and as you see it works wonders. She got in bed with him, he got on top of her and fucked her as hard as possible. She talked dirty to hm, complimenting him about his skills in making love and he spurted into her enthusiastically, before dropping of to sleep again more or less on top of her with his dick still inside. They were pretty much like that, though side by side, the next morning, his dick almost glued to her inside, and they took great care removing it with care and cleaning it under the shower. 

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