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Aug 20

Blind date caning

Bob, a coworker had been after me for some time to let his wife Carol fix me up with a woman she worked with. I didn’t need to be fixed up and didn’t want to be fixed up. Carol was just the type of person who could not stand to see anyone she knew single.

I finally gave in to get Carol off his back. “Dinner only,” I told him. “Let’s keep it simple and short.”

Carol set it up at their house, so they would be able to help things along or deflect any problems that might arise. I got there on time and was pleased to meet an attractive woman about my own age, named Brenda. She was just a couple inches shorter than I, slender but with curves. She had short dark hair worn straight, a pretty face, a nice smile and seemed to have a nice personality.

She was wearing a simple black dress which didn’t quite hug her body, but did show off her curves. She had on stockings and heels. I was wearing a sport jacket and tie. Carol had said to dress up a little.

Dinner went very well. Bob and Carol can be very entertaining. Brenda held her own with them and we had a very nice time. Carol asked if I would mind taking Brenda home. She had brought her from work with a quick stop at Brenda’s for her to change. “I’ll be glad to, Carol. Thank you for asking.”

Brenda gave me directions and otherwise, we rode together quietly. She lived in half of a duplex townhouse. I pulled into her driveway and shut the car off. I waited for her to invite me in or to say goodnight, I could have gone either way, though I was hoping she would invite me in. I did not expect to hear her say, “I want to spank you, Ed.” She looked over at me hopefully.

I like spanking, getting and giving, but she could have no way of knowing that. Bob and Carol had no way of knowing that and prompting her either for real or as a prank. (Though I was to find out that Carol and Bob did like spanking and that Carol talked to Brenda about it in general terms.)

My heart skipped a beat and then rushed to catch up. My stomach fluttered and my sphincter clenched. I said, “Okay.”

Brenda smiled. “Really?”

"Yes, really," I smiled back.

She looked closely at me. “I want to use a cane on your bare bum.”

She wants me in her house, with my pants down and will hit me with a stick. I said, “Okay.”

"Really?" she smiled more broadly.

"Really." I smiled again.

Her brow furrowed. “You’re not jerking my chain, are you, Ed? You really mean it?”

"Yes, I mean it. Do you?"

"Hell, yeah, I mean it." She jumped out of my car and came around to my side. I was slower getting out, so she took my hand and dragged me up and around the car.

We went up onto her stoop and I stood back while she unlocked her door. “Let me show you around real quick.” she told me. “Here’s a powder room with the washer and dryer. Here’s the kitchen, the dining area and the living room.” She led me quickly through the down stairs.

She took my hand again and led me upstairs. “Here’s the bathroom, there’s my room, here’s the guest room and here’s the spare room.” She just stood and pointed and then led me into the spare room. It had a studio couch against one wall, a dresser and straight chair against the other.

She walked over to the dresser and took the cane off the top. “Here’s what I want to use.” It was a wooden stick about three feet long and looked pretty sturdy. It was made of some fibrous wood and had a handle fashioned at one end. I just looked at it and nodded. She smiled, still very excited.

Brenda put the cane back on the dresser and turned her back to me. “Undo my dress, Ed, please.” I unhooked and then unzipped it. She stepped away from me. “You an put your jacket and tie over the back of the chair.”

She left the room. I did what she said and no more. She seemed to have things planned out. She came back into the room looking very domish but cute and sexy. She had only taken her dress off, but what was left was a camisole, with a bra underneath it, a garter belt holding up her nylons and lacy tap pants along with her high heels. Everything was black and satin.

She was still smiling, but somehow trying to look stern at the same time. She took the cane in hand again. “Stand here.” She pointed at the edge of the studio couch near the one end of it. I did what she said, facing the couch and the wall. “Pants down, please.” She was a bit formal now. I guess asking a relative stranger to bare his bum for her, called for that.

She breathed in just as I did when I dropped my trousers and pushed my boxers down. “Hand on the wall.” I bent over and placed my hands on the wall and settled my weight comfortably. I felt her take the tail of my shirt and lift it up onto my back. She set it down and ran her and along the fold to keep it in place.

She stepped to the head of the couch and took a stance facing me from my left. She ducked to her left quickly and looked beneath me, not really hiding her glance at my genitals. She straightened back up and I felt the cane tap my flesh. She took her measure.

"It will probably hurt. I’m going to hit hard." She informed me.

"Okay." I acknowledged.

"I think you should count after each one."

"Okay." I replied.

"Just the count, nothing else."

"Okay, just the count."


"Ready." I shifted my weight, reset my hands on the wall and tried not to tense up too much."

I felt it as soon as I heard it, the whish through the air and the thwap against my flesh. It did hurt. I gasped. Then remembered to count. “One.”

Brenda moved over behind me and checked my ass. She felt both cheeks and ran her finger along the stripe that must have appeared. She sort of grunted to herself and resumed her position.

Again the shwish and thwap were simultaneous to the pain. I grunted and sighed. “Two.”

Three, four, and five fell evenly spaced. I grunted or gasped each time and said the number. Six was a little late and caught me off guard. I emitted more noise than I intended. Then managed, “Six.”

"Seven," came through clenched teeth and "Eight," was three syllables long. "Nine," was a high pitch and the next number came out more like "Tin-ah." The pain was building with each stroke, compounding. I wanted to say stop and stand up and hold my ass for a while, but I wanted it to continue, too. I wanted more from her.

Brenda stepped close to me and rubbed my bottom. She used her hand fully on each cheek, rubbing generously. “You’re doing real good, Ed. You okay?”

"Yeah, I’m okay, Brenda. How many more?"

"How about five? Fifteen should be enough to start with, okay?"

"Okay, five more."

She took up her position and delivered the last five with just as much energy as the first ten. I managed the counts through clenched teeth and after gasping and grunting and sighing. My rump burned and ached and just plain hurt like hell. I had tears in my eyes, but satisfaction in my soul. My knees knocked and my legs wobbled, but I made it through.

I stood up and put my hands on my ass. It was hot, burning and I could feel the raised stripes. Brenda put the cane down and stood right behind me, pressing up against me. She put her arms around me and hugged me to her.

I felt her soft belly and her pubic hair through her panties with the backs of my hands. She ran her hands over my chest and kissed my neck and ears. She whispered in my ear. “You are a very good boy, Ed. You deserve a reward. I can bet just what you want.” Her hands went down to my belly and below.

My penis was stiff and standing up, my balls hung ready. Brenda ran her hands over my erection and one went down to juggle my balls. “Yes, you are a very good boy, very deserving.”

She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. She hugged me again and ran her hands over my bare chest, teasing my nipples and tickling my pecs.

She turned me around to face her and kissed me softly gently on the lips. She pressed hers to mine, searching grabbing. She parted her lips and her tongue speared into my mouth and probed all around, then dueled with my tongue. She was a really hot sensual woman, a surprising change from her dinner at friends persona that I originally saw.

She nearly sucked the breath out of me. She breathed heavily and I could feel moisture on her upper lip and brow. She sweat. I liked a woman that sweat. It mingled with her perfume and other scent and was intoxicating.

She pushed me down to a sitting position on the couch and squatted in front of me. She took off my shoes and socks and then pulled off my trousers and boxers. She put my boxers at her nose and inhaled deeply with her eyes closed and a smile on her lips. That was different from what most women I knew did, but exciting, nevertheless.

She stood in front of me and pulled off her camisole and undid her bra and dropped both on the floor. She came close and I kissed her breasts, nibbled and sucked her nipples. They were hard and pointy.

I ducked down and kissed her belly and found the clasp on her garter belt. I undid it and let it fall onto the nylons. I pulled her panties down and reveled in her dark bush. I kissed and licked and inhaled her as deeply as I could.

I moved her to the side, stood up and eased her down. I peeled off her nylons, garter belt still attached. Her shoes had fallen off at some point. She laid back on the couch and spread her legs, raising her knees and opening wide. Her luscious lips beckoned.

I went in face first and kissed and licked my way in. I sucked her lips and then spread them and licked her vulva up and down. I licked her dripping vagina and then use my fingers to stimulate her. I moved my mouth up to her clitoris and licked it and sucked it.

Brenda heaved up against my face. I could feel her clenching and arching. She gasped and panted. “Oh gawd, oh gawd. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yessssssss.” She came strongly.

Brenda had barely caught her breath when she pushed me out of the way and jumped up and ran from the room. I’m thinking WTF when she dashes back in opening a condom wrapper, big smile on her face. Whew. I had wondered had I done something wrong.

She pushes me on my back and after a quick lick and suck on my cock and balls, She put the rubber on me and climbs on. She rides me hard and fast. I get off and I think she might again, also. She settles down on top of me. “Thank you, Ed. This is so great.”

"Thank you, Brenda."

We’re quiet for a moment, then she asks. “Should I tell Carol what happened?” We discussed whether or not you would be into spanking. She had no idea. I think she meant for me to find out, but never actually said that.”

"Why would you two discuss spanking?"

"She’s a spanko, her and Ted both are. Didn’t you know?"

"I had no idea."


"No, that’s okay. Do you think they would not want me to know?"

"No, not that. Carol and I talked about it, so she wouldn’t want me to hide it from you. So, should I tell her?"

"If it would give me the opportunity to spank her delicious derrière, yes."

Brenda laughed. “It probably would. Do you really want to spank her?”

"I believe I do."

"I hope you don’t really want to spank me. I don’t like it. I just like giving spankings. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, that’s fine with me."

She jumped up again, “Let me show you.” She went to the dresser and pulled out her implements. She had a hair brush, a large brush, two paddles, one regular and one with a bunch of holes in it. She had a leather slapper and two straps, one a twin tail and the other plain. “What’s your favorite?”

"I like paddles, wood ones."

"Me, too." She put the other things away ans held only the two paddles. "I was thinking of using a paddle today, but decided that the cane is a better ice breaker.

"So, can I paddle you sometime?"

"Yeah, I’d like that."

"Even if you don’t paddle me back?"

"Yeah, that’s fine."

"Sex, though?"

"Yes, please."

"As long as you are a good boy."

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